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Ayesha Fashions & Crafts is really two businesses in one. We offer a large range of ready made garments for both men and women comprising of casual wear shirts, shorts, swimwear, beachwear and also formal wear shirts, trousers, skirt, sarees, dresses and etc. We stock many famous brand names at prices that will amaze you.

Take home a souvenir to remember your special tropical holiday by selecting from a range of colorful Sri Lankan handicrafts and masks. Walk in to handicrafts gallery and you will be amazed at the diversity and quality of the displays. Items are sourced throughout Sri lank from selected genuine manufacturers who only use traditional methods.

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The masks using in Sri Lanka belongs to 3 different categories ; 24 Raaksha Masks, used to perform Devil dances in Devol Maduwa, 18 Sanni Masks for healing rituals and several Kolam Masks to use in traditional folk plays.A wide range of masks in various sizes and vibrant colors are made from the smoked, dried wood of the ‘Diya Kaduru’ (Nux vomica) a tree that grows in the marshy lands around the area. The wood is like balsa as it is light enough to be worn as a mask and soft to carve easily. The technique of producing masks has been passed from generation to generation since ancient times. The logs of Kaduru are dried out in the sun till the sticky moisture of the timber is evaporated and then cut into pieces of the required sizes. Then the basic shape of the mask is fashioned by means of chisels and mallets accordingly to the measurements. Seasoning of the timber follows, with smoking for six or seven day in a hearth. The seasoned piece of timber is carved, smoothed and painted.

Originally a cottage industry, Batik is of Indonesian roots, yet in Sri Lanka, the craft has developed into a unique style to produce shirts, sarongs, dresses, shorts, wall hangings, cushions covers, bed hangers and a multitude of décor items with their distinctive designs in vibrant colors. Batik making has progressed from the clumsy artwork of the past to some sophisticated designed and hues to complement contemporary fashions. The local hand woven fabrics with colourful Batik designs would make attractive garments and décor.The time consuming technique in producing high quality Batik involves multiple waxing and dyeing of cloth according to the design is done. In the end all wax is scraped out and then boiled. The cloth is made to absorb colors of the dyes further by the use of Hydrochloric Acid. Drying in the sun brightens up the colors. The number of colors in batik is the precise indication of the number of times it was immersed in the dye bath and application and removal of wax. So a multicolored design of Batik involves a great deal of work than a simple design in just a couple of colours.Today, due to the chemical dyes apart from the use of traditional dyes, the spectrum of colors in Batik seems to have become endless.


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